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Home Inspection Software

ScribeWare co-founder Dylan Chalk started sharing his knowledge to the home inspection community through a blog, podcast, and continuing education classes long before he and his buddy Steve Lamb started to build the best inspection software that could be built. And he doesn’t plan on stopping anytime soon. The reality is that sharing professional best practices with the home inspection community at large is central to the whole point of ScribeWare: build the best inspection report software, and build it with templates, pre-written comments, and prompts so that it actually helps inspectors be better at their job.


Work smarter, not harder.

I Want to Add Narratives to My Home Inspection Report With The Click of a Button

One of the more frustrating things home inspectors face in report writing is not being able to locate a pre-made narrative comment that you know exists somewhere in your software. While no software can make every comment instantly available, smart software will provide an inspector with multiple ways to sort, sift through, organize and recall your narratives. One of my favorite tools at the moment is the Inspector Only Notes checkbox. Inspector Only Notes are designed to show up in...
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