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ScribeWare co-founder Dylan Chalk started sharing his knowledge to the home inspection community through a blog, podcast, and continuing education classes long before he and his buddy Steve Lamb started to build the best home inspection software that could be built. And he doesn’t plan on stopping anytime soon. The reality is that sharing professional best practices with the home inspection community at large is central to the whole point of ScribeWare: build the best inspection report software, and build it with templates, pre-written comments, and prompts, so that it actually helps inspectors be better at their job. 

Work smarter, not harder.

One of the features of RV Scribeware is the ability to tag inspection items as Recommended or Required. Part of the development of the RV Scribeware template was to go

ScribeWare is Coming to Texas

With a brand new trec-compliant home inspection report software system   After almost a year of work to get the Texas (trec) compliant version of ScribeWare set up and dialed

A mark in the wood that would be included in a ScribeWare Inspection Report

This photograph may not look like much, but it represents one of the stark realities of home inspection. Home inspectors are constantly calling out safety items in our home inspection

Many jurisdictions have requirements that involve filling out standardized PDF forms.   ScribeWare has powerful functionality to help complete and publish these forms.  This article provides a detailed walkthrough on

A stove with a ventilation fan. Used as an example for home inspector training

This is a simple question that should have a simple answer, but a tangle of national and local building codes, energy codes, manufacturers’ installation requirements, and even the age of

CCST gas piping running through concrete. Used as an example for home inspector training

Can CSST Gas Piping Be Run Through Concrete?

I ran into this the other day on a 1950’s era house that was fairly meticulously updated by a builder. The renovation work was not done as a flip or

Associating Library Entries to Templates

A fundamental but indispensable skill that throws off many Scribers is learning to associate library entries to their report and report templates. Maybe you’ve just created a new library entry

InspectIt Users, Switch to ScribeWare!

InspectIt is closing down on June 31st.   And we know how difficult it is to switch software.  We’re here to help make it as easy as possible! With ScribeWare,

The syncing of data, images, and videos usually happens behind the scenes automatically and without a hitch. If you are working in the field on a mobile device and you

ScribeWare logo

Understanding the ScribeWare Template

What is a Template? Another way to think of a ScribeWare template is that it is the starting place you would like to serve up to you or your company

Photo Annotation for iOS Devices

One of the things I love best about ScribeWare is the community of inspectors working together to help each other. One of the features we are hoping to improve is

An image of a deteriorating plumbing pipe. Used for home inspector training

How to Optimize Voice-to-Text for Home Inspection and the Power of Airplane Mode Using Voice To Text to Write Your Building Inspection Reports Often considered the Holy Grail for inspection