ScribeWare Education

ScribeWare co-founder Dylan Chalk started sharing his knowledge to the home inspection community through a blog, podcast, and continuing education classes long before he and his buddy Steve Lamb started to build the best inspection software that could be built. And he doesn’t plan on stopping anytime soon. The reality is that sharing professional best practices with the home inspection community at large is central to the whole point of ScribeWare: build the best inspection report software, and build it with templates, pre-written comments, and prompts, so that it actually helps inspectors be better at their job. 

Work smarter, not harder.

This article is designed as a series of tutorial videos to walk anyone through the steps needed to write great home inspection reports. Once you download your ScribeWare trial, play

Got Mold?

Reporting on mold conditions noted during a home inspection can be tricky for myriad reasons. There is no one way to go about writing a mold comment and likely many

In ScribeWare 5.70, you can now call out a particularly important detail of an image with our new Magnifier functionality! Simply edit an image, and click on the new “Magnifier”

In ScribeWare version 5.68, we’re introducing an often requested feature we’re calling “report review”! Let’s say you’re out in the field, busily filling out a report while your client is

Use This Flow Chart To Get Them Right! The way most home inspectors are trained to understand the difference between sub-panel wiring and main panel wiring is that once you

Cold Roof Condensation

Is My Roof Leaking? If you are a home inspector, you have experienced the amazing reflective properties of PVC and EPDM, white roofing membranes. In the summer heat, with some

Architectural Grade Composition Roofing

Architectural Grade Composition Roofing Developed in the 1970s for use on high-end homes, dimensional shingles are offered for homeowners who want a shingle that retains the architectural appearance of a

Tiled Decking Surfaces

Tile Decking – Elevated And Over Living Spaces Installing tile over a standard deck frame in an exterior environment is a recipe for trouble. The combination of tile, grout, wood,

When it comes to toxic materials in older houses, there are three primary materials to be concerned with: lead, asbestos, and radon. Other toxic and unhealthy materials and conditions could

What’s New in ScribeWare… Version 5!

The big news at ScribeWare is we are officially launching our new version 5  Version 5 brings a host of new features and improves your ability to Customize your template

Navigating the ScribeWare Mobile App

ScribeWare’s Mobile Application for iOS and Android. Where do you get the app? The ScribeWare mobile app is free and available in the Play Store for Android and the Apple

Do Rain Barrels Really Work?

Well, this simple answer to this question, is: it depends on what you are trying to accomplish with rain barrels. I Want to Store Water From My Roof to Use